New Jersey

New Jersey Fish and Game Council 

The Fish and Game Council was created by Law in 1945 and succeeded the former Board of Fish and Game Commissioners. This law established the (11 member) composition of the Council as follows: three members of council shall be farmers, recommended to the Governor for appointment by the agricultural convention; six members shall be sportsmen, recommended to the Governor for appointment by the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; and two members shall be commercial fishermen.

The Legislature has empowered the Fish and Game Council with the independent responsibility to adopt a Fish and Game Code for the purpose of providing a system for the protection and conservation of fish and game. In addition, the Council has been authorized to perform an advisory and recommendatory function in the development of comprehensive policies in this general area and to consult with and advise the Commissioner and director of the Division of Fish and Wildlife with respect to the work of such Division, study the activities of the Division of Fish and Wildlife and hold hearings with respect thereto as it may deem necessary or desirable, and report to the Governor and the Legislature annually, and at such other times as it may deem in the public interest with respect to its findings and conclusions. The council appoints the director who is required to be a ‘person with special training and experience in wildlife management.’ The council’s appointment is subject to the approval of the Governor and the director can only be removed by action of the Governor.

As of mid-2021, 9 seats are occupied by men.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

Funding Sources

†† Minor Other (no source ≥10%): Endangered Species Revenue, Waterfowl Stamp Revenue, Miscellaneous Dedicated Account Revenue