New Mexico

New Mexico State Game Commission

The New Mexico State Game Commission operates in an oversight capacity.

The New Mexico Legislature created a three-member State Game Commission in 1921. The commission eventually became a seven-member citizens’ body that sets hunting and fishing regulations, hires the Department of Game and Fish director, oversees spending of a more than $35 million annual budget, and sets the department’s overall direction.

Commission members are appointed to up to four-year terms by the governor and confirmed by the State Senate. Not more than four members can be from the same political party. Five of the members represent different geographical areas of the state. The other two members are appointed ‘at large.’ At least one member of the commission shall represent agricultural interests and one member represent conservation interests.

As of mid-2021, 5 members are consumptive users and 3 seats are occupied by men.

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

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