2018 Wildlife for All Conference

In August 2018, the Southwest Environmental Center and Western Wildlife Conservancy organized the first “Wildlife for All” conference in Albuquerque, NM. It was attended by more than 100 wildlife advocates from 20 states. The gathering was the first national conference to address the topic of reforming state wildlife management. Below are links to some of the presentations.

Opening Remarks

“So if the current system is broken, how do we fix it? What would the ideal system of state wildlife  governance look like? The answer will vary in detail by state, but I think we can agree on the broad outlines: decision-making that reflects the full range of public attitudes and values towards wildlife and is transparent and accountable, is based on good science, and ensures the survival of wildlife for the  future.”

–Kevin Bixby, Executive Director

Read the full talk here



Federal Powers & Responsibilities to Conserve Wildlife on Federal Lands

Wildlife Management Reform in New Mexico 

Litigating for Wildlife Under Current State Laws 

How Should a Wildlife Trustee Act? 

Litigating Public Nuisance & Prospects for Wildlife Trust Cases 

Funding for Fish and Wildlife Conservation 

The Political Context for Change 

Letting the Past Inform the Future for Conservation Funding 

New Hampshire Wildlife Coalition – Successes and Challenges 

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act 

U.S. Public Trust and Implicit Constitutional Protections, Lessons from Atmospheric Trust Litigation 

Future Funding Mechanisms: Colorado Parks and Wildlife