The goal is to get good candidates appointed to your state wildlife commission (in most states by the governor).

Suggested Actions:

  • Figure out if there are any current vacancies on the commission or any commissioners whose terms are nearing expiration. Start to gather names of qualified candidates who support a Wildlife for All reform agenda and are willing to serve. (See our recommended qualifications for the ideal commission candidate here.) 
  • Submit those names to the governor for appointment to vacancies on the commission. (This has more impact if done as a sign-on letter from a number of groups.) Follow up to let the governor know that the issue is important to you, and that the wildlife advocacy community is watching. 
  • If you have the opportunity at public events, remind the Governor how important it is to you as a voter that qualified people with diverse viewpoints, including non-consumptive users, be appointed to the commission. 
  • Submit letters to the editor and op-eds on the topic.