Wildlife mandate in statute:

“To protect, conserve, and replenish the natural resources of the state, the wildlife of the state, including all aquatic life, is placed under the supervision and control of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, which is hereby created and established in the executive branch of the state government.”

The Commission:

  • Name: Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission
  • Regulatory or advisory: Regulatory
  • Number of voting members: 7
  • Term length: 6 years
  • How selected: Appointed by Governor
  • Senate confirmation required: Yes
  • Selection criteria per statute:

Three members of the commission shall be electors of the coastal parishes and representatives of the commercial fishing and fur industries. The other four shall be electors from the state at large, other than representatives of the commercial fishing and fur industries.”

  • From the Commission’s website

The Commission is charged with the control and supervision of the wildlife of the state, including all aquatic life. The Commission operates as a policy-making and budgetary control board, with no administrative function. The Commission receives and reviews biological, socioeconomic, and other technical data and management recommendations from LDWF, gathers public input, and ultimately votes on which actions will best achieve long-term management goals. In general, the Commission is charged with setting seasons, times, places, size limits, quotas, daily take, and possession limits based upon biological data and setting fees for nonresident recreational fishing licenses, among other authorities.

The Agency:

  • Name: Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
  • Type: Standalone agency
  • Title of Agency Director: Secretary
  • Selection process: appointed by the governor with consent of the Senate
  • Mission statement from agency website

To manage, conserve, and promote wise utilization of Louisiana’s renewable fish and wildlife resources and their supporting habitats through replenishment, protection, enhancement, research, development, and education for the social and economic benefit of current and future generations.”

Revenue for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, FY22:

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America’s Wildlife Values was an extensive 2018 nationwide survey led by Colorado State University of public attitudes towards wildlife. Findings were compared with a 2004 survey to identify trends. Researchers also surveyed personnel at state wildlife agencies. Reports are available for national, state and agency results. (Some state agencies did not participate.)

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