Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission is charged with the control and supervision of the wildlife of the state, including all aquatic life. The Commission operates as a policy-making and budgetary control board, with no administrative function. The Commission receives and reviews biological, socioeconomic, and other technical data and management recommendations from LDWF, gathers public input, and ultimately votes on which actions will best achieve long-term management goals. In general, the Commission is charged with setting seasons, times, places, size limits, quotas, daily take, and possession limits based upon biological data and setting fees for nonresident recreational fishing licenses, among other authorities.

There are 7 commissioners, appointed by the Governor for 6 year terms. As of mid-2021, 5 members are consumptive users and 6 seats are occupied by men. Three commission members must be representatives of the commercial fishing and fur industries.


Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries


Funding Sources

† Statutory Dedications

†† Minor Other (no source ≥10%): Interagency Transfers, Fees and Self-Generated Revenue

Source: https://house.louisiana.gov/housefiscal/DOCS_APP_BDGT_MEETINGS/DOCS_APPBudgetMeetings2017/March/Wildlife%20and%20Fisheries%20-%20Public.pdf