Wildlife mandate in statute

“It is the policy of the State of Oregon that wildlife shall be managed to prevent serious depletion of any indigenous species and to provide the optimum recreational and aesthetic benefits for present and future generations of the citizens of this state.”

The Commission:

  • Name: Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Regulatory or advisory: Regulatory
  • Number of voting members: 7 
  • Term length: 4 years
  • How selected: Appointed by Governor
  • Senate confirmation required: Yes
  • Selection criteria per statute: 

“One member of the commission shall be appointed from each of the congressional districts of this state, one member from that portion of the state lying west of the Cascade Mountains and one member from that portion of the state lying east of the Cascade Mountains…All members of the commission shall represent the public interest of the state and make decisions affecting the wildlife resources of the state for the benefit of those resources. Consistent with the requirements of this subsection, the commission shall provide for the productive and sustainable utilization of wildlife resources for all groups of users. All members of the commission shall have a general knowledge of fish and wildlife issues and an understanding of the operation and functions of public policy boards and commissions. In making appointments to the commission, the Governor shall consider appointing members who possess natural resource backgrounds such as backgrounds in commercial fishing, recreational fishing, hunting, agriculture, forestry and conservation.”

  • From the Commission’s website

Commissioners formulate general state programs and policies concerning management and conservation of fish and wildlife resources and establishes seasons, methods and bag limits for recreational and commercial take.

The Agency:

  • Name: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Type: Standalone agency
  • Title of Agency Director: Director
  • Selection process: Appointed by the Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Mission statement from agency website

“Our mission is to protect and enhance Oregon’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for use and enjoyment by present and future generations.”

Revenue for Oregon Fish & Wildlife (2023)

Other: Lottery Funds (1.1%)

Source: Oregon Fish and Wildlife 2023-25 Budget

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America’s Wildlife Values was an extensive 2018 nationwide survey led by Colorado State University of public attitudes towards wildlife. Findings were compared with a 2004 survey to identify trends. Researchers also surveyed personnel at state wildlife agencies. Reports are available for national, state and agency results. (Some state agencies did not participate.)

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