Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission operates in an oversight capacity. The Commission appoints the Director, establishes seasons and bag limits, and formulates policies concerning fish and wildlife management and conservation. “The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission consists of seven members appointed by the governor for staggered four-year terms. One commissioner must be from each congressional district, one from east of the Cascades and one from the west of the Cascades. The Commission was formed July 1, 1975 when the formerly separate fish and wildlife commissions were merged.” As of mid-2021, 3 members are consumptive users, and 3 seats are occupied by men.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife


Funding Sources

†† Minor Other (no source ≥10%): Lottery Funds, All other

Source: https://www.dfw.state.or.us/agency/budget/docs/21-23_ARB/Budget%20Backgrounders_ODFW%20Budget%20Summary.pdf