Arizona Game and Fish Commission

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission operates in an oversight capacity. The Commission “establishes policy for the management, preservation, and harvest of wildlife. The Commission makes rules and regulations for managing, conserving, and protecting wildlife and fisheries resources, and safe and regulated watercraft and off-highway vehicle operations for the benefit of the citizens of Arizona. In support of the Commission’s obligations, the Director, as chief administrative officer, provides general supervision and control of all Department functions and activities.”

“The Commission appoints the Director of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and the Director serves as secretary to the Commission. Each commissioner serves a five-year term, staggered. Commissioners customarily serve as chairman during their last year.”

Commission Information at a Glance:

Number of seats on the commission: 5

Selection criteria required by statute:

  • Geographic: No two members may be residents of the same county
  • Political party: Not more than three members shall be members of the same political party
  • General knowledge/background: Members shall be well informed on the subject of wildlife and requirements for its conservation

As of mid-2021, 4 members are consumptive users and all 5 seats are occupied by men.

Commission Website

Arizona Game and Fish Department

Funding Sources

†† Minor Other (no source ≥10%): Watercraft Licensing, Game, Nongame Fund, Heritage Fund, Off-Highway Vehicle Fund, Capital Improvement, Wildlife Conservation Fund, Indirect Cost Fund, Other