Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission operates in an oversight capacity. The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission is a nine-member board, comprised of volunteers who serve four-year terms after being nominated by licensed hunters and anglers, appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the Kentucky Senate. Per statute, the Commission ‘shall at all times keep a watchful eye upon the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and advise the Commissioner to take such action as may be beneficial to the department and in the interest of wildlife and conservation of natural resources.’

Commission members are governed by Kentucky statutes and regulations pertaining to boards and commissions, and are accountable to the hunters and anglers in their districts. Commission members seek to be responsive to their constituents and represent the interests of all the sportspersons in their districts. They communicate with stakeholders, relay vetted requests for changes to regulations or statutes to the Commission body, and make recommendations to the Commissioner.

No later than 30 days before the expiration of a Commission member’s term, the Commissioner shall select the time and place for a public meeting in that Commission district to select up to five (5) nominees to submit to the Governor. The location of this meeting is within the district of the member whose term will be expiring. Those eligible to participate are resident hunters or anglers who have been licensed in Kentucky for each of the past two (2) consecutive years, or are license-exempt but have hunted or fished each of the past two (2) consecutive years. The names of the nominees are submitted to the Governor, along with a current resume’ for each nominee, and the Governor shall appoint one from the names submitted.

As of mid-2021, 8 members are consumptive users and 8 seats are occupied by men.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

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