Wildlife mandate in statute

“The declared purpose of Acts 1952, ch. 200, and the policy of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is to protect and conserve the wildlife of this Commonwealth so as to insure a permanent and continued supply of the wildlife resources of this state for the purpose of furnishing sport and recreation for the present and for the future residents of this state; to promote the general welfare of the Commonwealth; to provide for the prudent taking and disposition of wildlife within reasonable limits, based upon the adequacy of the supply thereof; to protect the food supply of this state, and to insure the continuation of an important part of the commerce of this state which depends upon the existence of its wildlife resources.”

The Commission:

  • Name: Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Regulatory or advisory: Regulatory
  • Number of voting members: 9
  • Term length: 4 years, maximum of two terms
  • How selected: Appointed by Governor
  • Senate confirmation required: Yes
  • Selection criteria per statute:

“The Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission shall consist of nine (9) members, one (1) from each wildlife district, as set out by the commissioner with the approval of the commission, and not more than five (5) of the same political party…Vacancies through the expiration of terms of the members of the commission shall be filled by appointment by the Governor from a list of five (5) names from each wildlife district, recommended and submitted by the sportsmen of each respective district.”

  • From the Commission’s website

Commission members are governed by Kentucky statutes and regulations pertaining to boards and commissions, and are accountable to the hunters and anglers in their districts. Commission members seek to be responsive to their constituents and represent the interests of all the sportspersons in their districts. They communicate with stakeholders, relay vetted requests for changes to regulations or statutes to the Commission body, and make recommendations to the Commissioner.

The Agency:

  • Name: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
  • Type: Standalone agency
  • Title of Agency Director: Commissioner
  • Selection process: Hired by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Mission statement from agency website

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ mission is to conserve, protect and enhance Kentucky’s fish and wildlife resources and provide outstanding opportunities for hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, shooting sports, wildlife viewing, and related activities.”

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Budget FY24:

† Other: Interest Income (0.1%), Camp Fees (0.4%), Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area (0.3%), Proceeds from Asset Disposition (0.2%), General Sales (0.4%), Fish and Game Fines & Forfeitures (0.1%), Miscellaneous Receipts (0.7%), Prior Year Cash Carryforward (4.8%)

Source: Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources Operating Budget ‐ Fiscal Year 2024

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