Alabama Conservation Advisory Board

The Conservation Advisory Board, created by statute, is composed of 10 members appointed by the Governor for alternating terms of six years, and three ex-officio members in the persons of the Governor, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, and the Director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. The Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources serves as the ex-officio secretary of the board.

The Alabama Conservation Advisory Board operates in an advisory capacity. The Advisory Board assists in formulating policies for the Department of Conservation, examines rules and regulations, and makes recommendations for their change or amendment. By a two-thirds vote of the members present and with the governor’s approval, the Board can amend, make any changes, repeal or create and promulgate additional rules and regulations. The Board also assists in publicizing the department’s programs and activities.

As of mid-2021, 7 members are consumptive users and all 10 seats are occupied by men.

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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Source: Fred R. Harders, Assistant Director, Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division. 2021.