Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Board

The Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Board operates in an oversight capacity. “Massachusetts legislature created the Fisheries and Wildlife Board in 1948. The Board is responsible for supervising and controlling the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. The Board’s mandate is to protect and manage the wildlife of the Commonwealth as an essential public natural resource for the use and enjoyment of all citizens who hunt, fish, trap, and enjoy nature study and observation.”

There are 7 board members, appointed by the Governor for 5 year terms. “Board membership assures broad geographic, and professional representation. State law requires that the Governor appoint one member from each of the five regions of the state. One of these must be experienced in farming. Of the two additional at-large members, one must be a wildlife biologist and the other must have expertise in endangered species conservation.”

As of mid-2021, 5 members are consumptive users and 5 seats are occupied by men.

Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game

Funding Sources

†† Minor Other (no source ≥10%): Taxes, Other