South Carolina

The Commission:

  • Name: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Board
  • Regulatory or advisory: Regulatory
  • Number of voting members: 7
  • Term length: 4 years
  • How selected: Appointed by Governor
  • Senate confirmation required: Yes
  • Selection criteria per statute

“One member must be appointed from each congressional district of the State…In making appointments, race, gender, and other demographic factors should be considered to assure nondiscrimination, inclusion, and representation to the greatest extent possible of all segments of the population of the State; however, consideration of these factors in making an appointment in no way creates a cause of action or basis for an employee grievance for a person appointed or for a person who fails to be appointed. Board members must possess sound moral character, superior knowledge in the fields of wildlife, marine, and natural resource management, and proven administrative ability.”

  • Visit the Commission’s website 

The Agency:

  • Name: Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
  • Type: Subagency within Department of Natural Resources
  • Title of Agency Director: Director
  • Selection process: Appointed by the Department of Natural Resources Board
  • Mission statement from agency website:

Our mission is to serve as the principal advocate for and steward of South Carolina’s natural resources.”

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Funding (FY 2023)

Other: Boat Titling and Registration (3.4%), Water recreation resources (1.2%), Other operating revenue (5.9%), Yawkey Trust (1.3%), Mitigation Trust (0.7%), Heritage Trust (6.6%)

Source: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Funding (FY 2023) From Caroline Pinckney- South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Privacy Officer, FOIA Officer and Paralegal to Chief Counsel

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