What would the ideal state management framework look like?

What would the ideal system of state wildlife management look like? Here is our vision:

  • It would be aligned with the Public Trust Doctrine.
  • There would be statutory language declaring it to be the policy of the state to protect wildlife within a public trust framework. Here is an example from draft legislation in New Mexico:

“It is the purpose of this act to provide for the conservation and management of the state’s wildlife as a public trust with intrinsic and ecological value, for the equitable benefit, use, and enjoyment of all New Mexicans, including future generations.”

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What You Can Do

If you would like to help reform state wildlife management to be more ecologically-driven, democratic and compassionate, here are some actions you can take in your state. Before you take action, it’s important to learn all about who decides on policy that affects your state’s wildlife, how they make their decisions, and what say—if any—citizens have in that process.

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