Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reform wildlife management in the U.S. to be more ecologically-driven, democratic, and compassionate:

  • Ecologically-driven, because that is what is needed to protect species and ecosystems in the face of a global extinction crisis.
  • Democratic, because wildlife is a public trust and everyone should have a voice in wildlife decisions.
  • Compassionate, because wild animals deserve to be treated humanely and with respect.

We envision a world in which:

  • All living beings are treated with compassion, live in coexistence with humans, and are respected for their intrinsic right to exist and for their role in natural systems.
  • Humans and governing bodies protect and prevent harm against wild animals and ecosystems and take into consideration the interests of all parties, humans, and nonhumans, both living and in the future.
  • Wildlife governance is democratic, transparent, accountable, informed by science, and no single group or interest dominates decision-making.